Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016

There are two creations that exist.  One we all know and can see but the other is one that few know and none can see.  The creation account in the bible's book of Genesis is the creation that we all can see and know.  It is the physical universe composed of matter, space, time and energy. Carnal Israel used these physical things to worship a spiritual God in shadow form. Our first state of existence is in this physical creation.  Genesis means “beginning” and records how God made humanity as a living being created by God after God's image and likeness but in a physical (shadow) way. See the Hebrew word for image “Tselem” in Strongs;

Strong's Ref. # 6754
Romanized  tselem
Pronounced tseh'-lem
from an unused root meaning to shade; a phantom, i.e. (figuratively) illusion, resemblance; hence, a representative figure, especially an idol:
KJV--image, vain shew.

Adam was a shadow image a living breathing creature or a soul made from the dust of the ground; the physical matter of the earth was his body, and the breath of life from God, the spirit of man that is a non physical spiritual component.  The breath of life from God is our human spirit that the bible also refers to as the spirit of man.

KJV Job 32:8
8.  But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

It is important to realize that this existence as a physical being is not the completion of what God's desire for us.  God desires us to become like Him but God is a spirit and not composed of flesh.  God also desires us to be love as He is love and live forever, have immortality.  In the first Genesis Adam was offered all of these things but because of his sin they were not given.  Adam did not fall from grace, as many believe, but rather rejected salvation.  The tree of life contained all the elements needed for man to become like God in spirit rather than in flesh.  This is why we have two creations, one flesh and the other spirit.  It is only when someone has God's Holy Spirit that they become a part of the new spiritual creation.  People without the Holy Spirit remain a part of the first physical creation.  The new spiritual creation is something that cannot be seen by the physical eyes or detected with the physical senses. The union of the human spirit, or spirit of man, with God's Holy Spirit is what makes a person a new creation.  The spirit of man is changed, transformed from within, our minds are our spirit and this type of change is invisible.  Jesus Christ was a manifestation of Gods love in the flesh or in this first creation, the physical universe.  Christ was how God interfaced the spiritual with the physical creations.  Jesus stated that He was not of this creation, the first physical creation, but was of the spiritual power that created all things including himself. Jesus was the beginning of this second Genesis or spiritual creation.
KJV Revelation 3:14
14.  And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; these things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

The spirit of Jesus was of the spiritual creation and Jesus was the first born of many. The mind or spirit of Christ was while he was a man here on Earth was not of this first physical creation but of the second spiritual creation. The body of Jesus was physical but the true essence of Jesus was filled with the Spirit of his God.  Just as your human body is not what you really are, your human spirit is what you really are. Your body is the instrument used to reflect, to carry out, what your spirit desires. Everything humans think, say or do originates in our human spirit as thoughts and intents and we use our bodies to act out the desires of our spirit.  An analogy of this would be a flashlight, without the batteries a flashlight will not function.  Our human spirit is like the batteries enabling our physical life to function.  Just like a flashlight, our life will only operate for a limited time.  Death is a part of this physical creation because Adam rejected immortality in the Garden of Eden when he did not eat of the tree of life.  Adam ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which caused him and us all to surely die; God withheld immortality from us because of sin. If Adam had eaten of the tree of life he would have received immortality because the tree of life symbolized God's Holy Spirit as well as the new creation or new covenant.  The tree of life would have accomplished God's desire for humanity if Adam had eaten its fruit.  In the new creation or covenant we must eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ who is the tree of life, the bread from heaven.  The new covenant is Genesis two or the second Genesis based on spirit and not flesh.  The first Genesis or old covenant is based entirely on flesh because Adam had rejected the Spirit of God.  God did not force Adam to eat from the tree of life and God also allowed the serpent access to Adam and Eve.  God wanted Adam and Eve to choose, by their own free will, which tree they would eat of.  God knew Adam would fail but yet offered Adam the choice showing us that God wanted that choice to be Adams. Sin and death entered the world, this physical creation, because of their choice.  Humanity brought sin and death upon themselves because they obeyed the serpent rather than God.  Thus the physical creation was cursed by God and the result of Adam and Eve's choice was put into effect.  The knowledge of good and evil is in all of us and we all are capable of doing both.  Just having knowledge with out the power to control it is dangerous because it can lead to sin and sin brings death.  This is why God forbid Adam and Eve the knowledge of good and evil.  The power of the Holy Spirit was in the tree of life and was the power needed to always do good and reject evil, with the tree of life Adam and Eve could have knowledge with power to always do good.  This would have made them like God. This would have made them like Jesus Christ, a man with the new creation mind incapable of sin just as his God and Father. God inspired the prophet Isaiah to declare His son the Christ a success years before he would be born.
KJV Isaiah 42:1-4
 1.  Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.
 2.  He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.
 3.  A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.
 4.  He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.

The law by commandments demanded that humanity not sin and always do good but gave no power to us to perform.  We had to provide our own power or righteousness to keep the law.  The Holy Spirit does not help you to refrain from murder or adultery when you are under the law; you must refrain by yourself.  You must perform a spiritual labor that you have not been given the power to accomplish. That power was rejected in Eden but the knowledge of good and evil was not. God gave to humanity what Adam and Eve chose for us but did not give the power by His Spirit to perform. Actions and words that reveal sin begin in the human spirit that the law did not address.  Sin begins in the human spirit and can be manifested by words and deeds. The spirit origin is itself sin and worthy of death. Gods salvation is not for the flesh but for the spirits of just men made perfect. God's love was in the tree of life and was also with held from humanity.  God's love is what can fulfill the law when it works through us by the Holy Spirit.  This is the power needed to control the knowledge of good and evil so that we always do the good and reject the evil. This is how and why Jesus could not have sinned. Under the law it became our works to keep a law that gave us the knowledge of what good and evil is but not the power to be a success to become righteous by performing those works.  The works come from ourselves and not by God's power and are not considered righteous for this reason.  This is why Paul said righteousness did not come by the law.  Faith believes that God does the works through us by the Holy Spirit based upon Godly love, which will do no sin. This is how Jesus fulfilled the law. In this way God has all the glory and man has none.  Abraham was called the father of the faithful because he was not justified by any works but simply because he believed God and this was counted by God as righteousness.  In the new covenant it is the same, by faith, we realize that any works in the law are our own and not God's, we stop working, we take a life long Sabbath, to let God do the works.  The Holy Spirit is the power we need and our only duty or obligation is to yield, submit, to God and not resist His Holy Spirit by trying to perform on our own by doing works of the law.  Either we do it or God does it and since we cannot and God can we must in faith submit to God.  The fulfillment of what the weekly Sabbath only symbolized is our rest we have in Christ, we rest or Sabbath, from trying to perform works under the law that we cannot do so that God can do the works.  The works of the Holy Spirit are not our works but God's.  Our works are filthy rags and will not produce Godly righteousness and give immortality.  Jesus Christ was the son of God just as Adam was but filled without measure by his Fathers Spirit. Jesus could keep the law because He had the power.  Jesus demonstrated to us how to become like God while paying the price of our sins committed while under the law.  If we believe this we can have the promise of salvation, we must believe that Jesus was God’s son and saved us otherwise will not be saved.  Jesus started a new creation by bringing a great light into the world.  The body of Jesus was made from the dust of the ground, Mary, and His Spirit and flesh was sinless because he was not a son of Adam but was born the son of God.  God interacted with His physical creation in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus loved his Father and always did God’s will.

There are certain qualities of God that are imputed to the one who has Faith in Jesus Christ; God's love, God's righteousness and God's glory are all gifts imputed to the saints.  No one has these qualities without having the Holy Spirit.  Jesus demonstrated all these things to us so that we could with the Spirit imitate Him.  Jesus was a model or pattern for us to emulate and copy by yielding ourselves to the Holy Spirit that does the works through us. The tree of life in Eden contained all these qualities but was rejected by Adam and Eve.  The physical creation therefore does not have any of the qualities that only God can give.  Jesus was called the second Adam because He was the beginning of the new spiritual creation.  Jesus had no human father and neither did the first Adam.  The first Adam was of the Earth or dust of the ground and had a human spirit but the second Adam, Jesus, had an Earthly body but a human spirit that was totally merged with God. He and his Father were one.
The human spirit is not the Spirit of God but an inferior spirit that has no life inherent or self-existence.  God has self-existence and is eternal and is a Spirit and this was the Spirit that was in  Christ.    God has a glory that no other being has that excels far beyond what we can understand.  The law had glory as well because it was a shadow of God's glory that did not equal God's glory.  Those who keep the law glory in themselves by their own works in self-righteousness.   Those who are in grace and faith have God's glory imputed to them and do no works because God does them by the Spirit.  God's love is the power needed to not sin and God's love is the fulfillment of the law. Whatever is not of Gods love is sin. God's love is also a gift imputed by the Holy Spirit that we do not have by ourselves.  God is righteous because He is love and love is not sin.  Jesus had no sin, was righteous, was the glory of God and had God's love.  Jesus had all these qualities of God while being a man in a fleshly body and therefore was called a manifestation of God in the flesh. You can not be a saint and an heir to the promises if you do not believe that Jesus was the son of God.   God gave the physical body and blood of Jesus, who He tabernacled in, as the sacrifice for our sins.  God, living in Jesus, could fulfill the law. The Father who sent him did the works. The church of God becomes the mother of the saints because the church is the bride of Christ.  Scripture says that God was manifested in the flesh, shown or demonstrated by the one called Jesus.  In Jesus was all the fullness of what Gods character is in the form of a human being.  Jesus is not God and did not come to Earth as the Almighty God but as a man and Jesus provided us with an example of how we can become  love as he and his God are love.  Jesus could do this because He was empowered by his God and father.  There is only one God and there never was any other and never will be any other.  

When God first made the physical creation all things were very good, that is as perfect as they could be in the physical sense.  After sin entered, this creation was cursed; plants, animals and humans all experienced the effects of this cruse.  Now we live in that cursed creation that is waiting for its redemption and restoration to its former beauty when Jesus returns.  While this present cursed creation exists God has called and chosen out of it a people for His own name called the saints.  These saints are no longer a part of this cursed creation.  People who are not called out remain under that curse.  Jesus became a curse for the saints who were formerly under the cruse.  The saints become like Jesus was when He was on the Earth in human form.  Jesus started a new creation that is separate in all ways from the old cursed creation.  The new creation of Jesus is spiritual while the old creation is physical or carnal.  The saints are no longer carnal but spiritual and this change cannot be detected by any outward appearance.  The saints' physical bodies are considered dead because of sin but their spirits are considered alive because of faith in Jesus.  Baptism symbolically represents this death of the body and life in the spirit.  At the return of Jesus the saints receive a new spiritual body in the first resurrection.  If someone is a saint they are not carnal and are under no curse or condemnation of the current cursed physical creation.  Spiritually God keeps the saints sinless by the process of grace through repentance and forgiveness of any sin they may commit.  The carnal man cannot repent or be forgiven because he is not under grace and not a part of the new creation of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit of God joined with a human spirit is what makes a new creation.  Carnal human beings do not have the Holy Spirit.  Spiritual knowledge and wisdom from God is given to the saints as well as God's nature, God's love and God's glory.  Everything that anyone needs for salvation is given as a free gift from God to the one who has faith in Jesus and believes the gospel.  A saint submits to the power of God's Spirit that performs all the works of a saint.  The saint performs no works but God works through the saint.  The love of God is not sin and this type of love is what is an absolute necessity for the successful fulfillment of anyone's salvation.  God's love is what will save us and not anything that we can do.  The law or works of the law is something that you do apart from God as your own works and will not be considered by God to be of any value at all. 

The entire law that God gave to Moses is for this present cursed physical creation.  Through out the law were many shadows or symbols that hinted or pointed to the future when Jesus would be on Earth and do what the law only hinted or symbolized.  The works of the law are physical and not spiritual works because physical, non-spiritual people do them.  You do not receive the Holy Spirit because you keep the law but if you keep the law you will not receive the Holy Spirit.  The law applies to the flesh only and not the spirit of a person.  Grace applies to the spirit of a person and not the flesh.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God therefore the law will not produce salvation.  No normal human being that has ever or will ever live can by any type of work in the law be considered by God as righteous.  God is righteous and His Spirit in us is what makes us righteous and not our keeping the law.  Righteousness does not come by the law but is an imputed gift from God to those of faith in Jesus who was also righteous.  What is more righteous the law or God? The law applies to sinners who have not yet come to grace.  The law is for the flesh and not the spirit of man.  The law is for Genesis 1; this present physical cursed creation.  The saints “Passover” into the new spiritual creation of Jesus when they in faith believe His gospel. The gospel is the message Jesus preached telling us how we can Passover from the cursed physical creation to the spiritual creation.  Jesus took the curse that normally would have come upon us on to Himself.  The curse is death because of sin defined by the law.  To be under the law is to be under the old covenant of the current cursed physical creation.  In the new spiritual creation the law passes away only for those who will in faith believe.  The law will pass away forever and for everyone when the new heavens and Earth come into being and the old heavens and Earth pass away as well.  The things Jesus taught in His gospel are far more important than the law because the law will not produce God's will for humanity.  If the law could have Jesus would have died for nothing and a new covenant would have not been necessary.  The knowledge of good and evil was the fruit of the tree that condemned all of humanity to death.  The law is what defines good and evil; it is knowledge, the knowledge of sin.  We have no power to control this knowledge and we sin which kills us.  The law gave knowledge but not power.  The law said thou shalt not but gave no ability to us to not.  The truth is that we all think, say and do sin because we cannot control ourselves due to a lack of power.  The power we need was in the tree of life.  The law came as a result of eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil from the tree that would cause us to surely die.  The law was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because the law defines these things for us but gives us no power to control the knowledge.  Giving the law to humanity was like giving a monkey a loaded gun.  God gave the law because humanity chose that tree.  Humanity reaped what they had sown.  We all kill ourselves because of our sins.  The law does not give life; it kills all of us.  The answer is to stop trying to keep a law that will only kill us and throw ourselves on the mercy of God.  God will live in the one of faith in Jesus and do absolutely everything that you need to have done, all the works are God's, and none are yours.  Salvation is God working in you while the law is you working for yourself.  Your wages will be sin and death but God's wages will be life everlasting in righteousness, love and peace.  The fruit of God's Spirit are the wages of God working in you and not your own wages that you have earned of yourself.  In Genesis 2, the new spiritual creation of Jesus, you cannot sin a sin that will lead to death because you have access to forgiveness upon repentance. There is no condemnation from God or the law.  The only way you can fail is to commit the unpardonable sin, which is refusing to repent, and with spiritual knowledge live a life of evil.  This behavior will lead to everlasting death. God is eternal and has existed without human beings with no ill effects, no tarnish to His glory, so if some go to everlasting death it is no poor reflection on God. God is not worshipped with men’s hands as though He needed anything; God does not need us we need Him. No person can be a part of both creations at the same time.  Saints must come out of the world and be separate and God will receive them.  Being lukewarm is to be in the world while claiming to be of the new creation.  This is why you cannot serve two masters.  This is why God forbid the fruit of both trees in Eden to Adam and Eve.
Any human being that is alive and found guilty of the unpardonable sin at the great white throne judgment will be destroyed with fire when the old heavens and Earth are burned up and replaced with the new heavens and Earth. 
There is no way that humanity could have ever known these things unless God through Jesus, the prophets and the apostles revealed them to us. 

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