Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Will Europe Produce the Antichrist?

A large majority of prophecy teachers believe that the Antichrist will come out of a ten nation union in Europe.  Is this true?  First, when looking at the European union today there is doubt that it will survive as Britain has already left the union and Italy and Spain are also considering exiting too.  Other member nations are very angered by the European union insisting that they take in Islamic migrants.  Weather or not the European union survives does not matter as it is not the origin of the Antichrist. 
The Jewish people are yet looking for the appearance of  their messiah.  The Jews would never accept a gentile as their messiah nor would they allow rule over them by anyone other than their one of their own nation.  The old covenant scriptures tell us this fact.

Deuteronomy 17:14-15 "you may not set a foreigner over you"

Any king messiah of the Jews must be a Jew.  The tribe of Judah was the tribe established by GOD after the fall of Saul as the new line of kings of Israel beginning with king David.  The antichrist, in order to deceive, must be of the tribe of Judah and a son of David.  Jesus was of the tribe of Judah and a son of David so the imitator antichrist must be also.  The scripture below calls the king of Babylon the "profane wicked prince of Israel".

Ezekiel 21:21-27  And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end,

The image described in Daniel Chapter 2 is of a man and notice in verse 33 the two legs of iron.  This is the Roman empire and the two legs of iron symbolize the eastern and western parts.  The ten toes will the be nations from the old eastern and western Roman empire.  This is not a revival of the Roman empire but nations that were formerly part of it to form the ten nations of the antichrist.  Daniel 7:8 speaks of the little horn, who is the antichrist, comes up among the ten toes or nations.  This confirms that the antichrist is from the middle east and specifically Israel.  

In our world today there is a mysterious ultra rich organization that controls most of the world.  These are the central banks along with the world bank, bank of International settlements and International monetary fund.  This ultra rich group is worth trillions of dollars and is lead by the Rothschild family.  This group is working now to bring an end to the global economy and begin the greatest depression the world has yet seen.  They are the financial arm of the antichrist and will bring in a false tribulation that most of the world will be deceived by.  This will lead the world to cry for a savior to save them and this will be the antichrist.

Scripture defines anyone who denies that Jesus is the messiah as antichrist.

First John 4:1-3 "every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of GOD.  and this is the spirit of the antichrist."

The Jews do not believe Jesus was GOD'S son or the messiah; the Jews are antichrist.
This is a plain statement of the scripture and not any mans opinion.  This is not hatred toward the Jewish people, it is scripture.

The antichrist, with help from the Rothschild fortune will bring the world back to a false peace and prosperity that they think is the millennium only to be cut short by the antichrist who in the third temple claims that he is GOD.  The Jews and many gentiles will see through the deception and rebel against the antichrist.  This will bring on the time of Jacob's trouble or the great tribulation.

So then, the ten nations must come from what was formerly the old Roman empire; some from the east and some from the west and is not a revival of the Roman empire but of a Jewish empire.  This is what the Jews have been hoping for since the days of the disciples of Jesus.

Acts 1:6 "Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom unto Israel?"

The antichrist will for a brief time restore the kingdom to Israel but it will be destroyed.  This kingdom is called Babylon in the book of Revelation and the harlot city is Jerusalem.   The ten kings in Revelation are the ten toes in the book of Daniel.
The kingdom will not be restored to Israel until after the return of Jesus.

What we, the saints, must watch for is the coming global economic collapse, a false tribulation, that will bring in the antichrist for a period of peace and safety, a false millennium.  Satan will copy the events the prophets of GOD have written about in order to deceive the world.  This will make for a very powerful deception.  The elect saints already know this and can not be deceived.

With world debt at levels never seen before, society breaking down with violence, sexual perversion, crime and governments making very stupid laws and doing many illogical things shows us that we are drawing close to the end of this age.