Monday, April 22, 2013

The Human Brain Does Not Think Or Store Information

When God formed Adams body from the dust of the ground and before God gave the breath of life Adams body just laid there and was lifeless and unable to do anything.  It was the breath of life, the human spirit, that gives life and intelligence and this is that part of us that is after Gods image and likeness.  Both Adam and Eve could speak and think from the first day of their existence having had no time involved to learn the knowledge was in their spirit and not a brain.

God is not saving our physical bodies and our bodies cannot inherit the kingdom of God but it is the spirits of just men made perfect that will.  Job 32:8 tells us that it is the spirit of man, the breath of life that inspires our mind, our intelligence.  The brain is nothing more that an interface between body and spirit..  The spirit controls the body and uses the brain to send signals to whatever you desire your body to do.  All your thoughts and memories are in your spirit not your flesh.  Your body turns to dust at death but your spirit goes back to God.  Our spirit can direct our bodies to do good or evil as Jesus explained.  Our body cannot think but is directed by the spirit than does think.  Our spirits are to control what we use our bodies for, good or evil.  Paul tells us in 1Corinthians 2:11 that is is the spirit of man, not the brain of man, that has knowledge and understanding of the things of a man, the things man can know.  All knowledge is by the spirit whether physical or spiritual. 
God is a spirit as John 4:24 says and God is working with human spirits to make them after His image and according to His likeness.  Look at the story of Balaam’s donkey and of King Nebuchadnezzar.  The donkey could speak and had intelligence but Nebuchadnezzar became like an animal.  These are two opposite examples of how God changed the spirits of a donkey and a man.  All living animals, man and beast, are a soul, the union of body and spirit.  Each body has a spirit to go with it to be what God created it to be.  The animal man was created by God as the highest form of animal with a spirit designed to relate to its maker but all other animals are lower spirits with no ability to have a relationship with God.

An unconverted human being is no different than an animal and in this state is totally cut off from God.  It is only when a person is given the Holy Spirit that they literally become a new creation with the Holy Spirit and they are no longer just a beast but a child of God.  The saints are no longer of this world of beasts but have been converted, transformed to be in the image of Christ who was the image of God.  This entire process is spiritual and does not involve the fleshly brain.  It is God Holy Spirit connected to the human spirit that is the new creation.  Life and intelligence does not come from physical matter but from Gods spirit only. 

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