Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Saints And Sin

The scripture tells us that we, the saints, still sin.  According to the apostle John anyone who says they have no sin is a liar and the truth is not in them.  We know that that our sins can be forgiven by faith through grace in the sacrifice of Jesus.  When we sin it should produce "Godly sorrow" in us because we have violated the "law of love".  God is love, and those with His spirit have a portion of this part of Gods nature.  Gods love is the fulfillment of the law and is how Jesus fulfilled the law; by his Fathers love and not by the works of the law.  We saints partake of the divine nature of the Father but only in a portion and not in full measure as Jesus did.  Jesus was born of God unlike us who came through Adam.  Jesus had Gods very own nature of love and this nature makes it impossible to sin because Gods seed remains in Jesus as Jesus is the same; yesterday, today and forever.  We saints were left in weakness for as Paul said Gods spirit is sown in weakness but raised in power.  The saints will not achieve perfection until our change comes when we will be both immortal and impeccable. Until that day we will yet sin but rely on Gods grace to cover sins.  Within the saints is a burning inner desire to not sin and do the will of God but due to our fleshly weakness we often fall into sin.  This produces a spiritual struggle within us as Paul describes in Romans 7.  The thing we desire to do (obey God and not sin) we do not do, and we sin. We are going against our own desire and intent of our heart due to fleshly weakness and God knows this.  We will be judged by the thoughts and intents of our heart, spirit or mind and as saints our true desire is to love and obey God but the weakness God left us in sometimes causes sin in us.  It is no longer us who sin but sin that dwells in us, sin that needs overcome by the power of the spirit of the Father in us.  This process is the normal spiritual growth of a saint of God.  The saints must come out of sin but Jesus was never in it.  The saints must never allow our sins to discourage us to the point of giving up our calling.  Where sin abounds grace abounds much more.  The Father knows we are weak.  God created His son Jesus to be the messiah and not you and I.  God through Jesus , who God did create in spiritual perfection as our example, is changing our natures over our life time to be conformed to the nature of Jesus who was an exact copy or image of the Fathers nature of Godly love.  This process will not be completed until either in the resurrection or when those who are alive and remain at the return of Jesus are sealed just before the great tribulation.  To create His nature of love in us and bring us from darkness into light by the power of the Holy Spirit of the Father is the will of God.  God began this work in us and is able to complete it in the day of Christ Jesus.  We are saved by grace through faith which is that straight and narrow way that leads to the kingdom where they will no longer be needed because then we will be of our own selves immortal and impeccable. Everything we need in this spiritual adventure is supplied by God so that none of us can boost.  It is God who works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure.  

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