Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Letter To Gods Elect

As all of you know we receive spiritual knowledge by revelation from the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the spirit of the Father.  Jesus speaks to us by the union of our human spirit with with his spirit as Jesus is the mediator between us and the Father.  Jesus has access to the attributes of the Father so that he can continue in the work his Father has given him. This work is to prepare us, the elect saints, for entry into the kingdom of God.  Over the last 24 years I have received many revelations from the Father through Jesus that have given understanding on many spiritual topics.  I have posted on this blog the major spiritual teachings that I have received.  The blog statistics show me that people from many nations have read articles on this blog during the last seven years.  Gods elect saints are scattered to the four winds and very few in number.  It is my hope that some of them are among those who have read this blog.  I have found over the years that there are many "churches" in the world that do have a little understanding but even this is usually clouded in some way by the mixing in of other things that are false.  There are also some groups that have a lot of knowledge and yet cling to false doctrines.  While there can be many lies there is only one truth and one must have a willing mind to seek help from the spirit of God to find it for this is the only way you will.  Only by the spirit of the Father through Jesus Christ can anyone learn the truth.  The articles on this blog identify the lies of this world and by the scripture shows the truth on each subject.  This is not the work of any man as I too have been deceived in the past and had to learn not to trust in men but in God.  The truth of God is such that if you have a total of 100 ideas and 99 are true but only 1 is false the Father views them all as a lie.  No lie is of the truth and God will not compromise with His truth.  After all this is how Satan deceives; Satan mixes lies with truth.  This is why during the time of great deception the elect saints can not be deceived even though Satan mixes truth with lies.   I have over these years written to a few leaders of various "churches" in an attempt to discuss certain teachings but I am always met with an attitude that I am ignorant and in need of their instruction.  These types have reached the limit of their growth because the lies they embrace prevent any further revelation that would correct their errors.  They fail to rightly divide the word of truth and end up believing in many false doctrines.  I realize that I can teach no one the truth and that all I can do is repeat what it is I have learned by my own experience with God.  If there is any understanding of the truth of God it will come from God through Jesus.  These types have taken the one talent they received and buried it so that their growth stops and their understanding is darkened.  They become ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.  In this world there is no one who truly has the ear of the people, a man who all look to as someone who truly speaks for God as the prophets and apostles did.  What we have is a confusion of many voices all speaking at the same time, all saying different things.  These would drown out anyone who really has the truth and the one voice with the truth would appear to be just one more voice among the many others.  Therefore there is no one to trust, no one with authority, no one who truly has been given the mission by God to speak on His behalf.  This is true not only for the false worldly churches but for the one true church of the scattered elect saints of God as well.  When Jesus returns there will be 144,000 elect saints that will stand with him in that day; 144,000  out of many billions of people who ever lived.  This is how rare of a thing it is to be called and chosen in this current evil age.  The saints live in a world they are not to be a part of spiritually with a mind, a heart, a spirit that has been joined to God through Jesus Christ.  It is the Father who does all of this and no man.  We wait, watch and hope for the kingdom to come.  We struggle in a spiritual warfare against our own sin and weakness while also knowing that Jesus has already won the war.  We have Godly sorrow, we repent, we ask forgiveness, we receive it and we continue onward.  We are not yet perfect but know that at our change we will be.  To all of Gods elect saints I say,  endure and overcome to the end, grow in grace and knowledge and love God and your neighbor.  We all must yield ourselves to the working power of the spirit of the Father through Jesus Christ.  

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