Monday, March 2, 2015

British Israelism

The following facts should be considered when dealing with the subject of British Israelism.  

Any doctrine that is the truth of God will originate in scripture only and will not combine the scripture with Irish legends to form doctrine.  The formation of all doctrinal truth comes from the scripture only.

Consider the person or persons who originated the doctrine.  Both Allen and Armstrong were unconverted men, they did not have the Holy Spirit, they did not know God, Jesus or the gospel. The Spirit of God is an absolute requirement to have any spiritual knowledge and especially to understand prophecy.    

The promise to king David was that he would never lack a man to sit on his throne.  History proves that several houses of the British royal families totaling 193 years had no man, no king, but only a queen that ruled Britain.  This is a violation of the oath of God and therefore Britain cannot be the continuation of the throne of Judah.

If Jesus is to be the true king of Israel then his parents must have in their linage the kings from David onward.  Scripture lists the genealogy of both Joseph and Mary and Zedekiah does not appear in either one. Therefore if Zedekiah's daughter went to Ireland and produced heirs to the throne of Judah then Jesus is not the king of Israel. Since we know that Jesus is the true king of Israel the claim of British Israelism is wrong. 

We know from scripture that both houses of Israel and Judah were cursed by God and ejected from their land.  God divorced them and said they were no longer His people. This curse is still in force today.  The nation claiming to be Israel today is in reality Judah and not Israel because God allowed the Jews to return under Cyrus king of Persia.  Some of the ten northern tribes returned with Ezra and Nehemiah and Ezekiel records that he spoke with the elders of both Israel and Judah while he was in Babylon.  God has not forever cast off Israel but these are the people who murdered His son and refused to accept him.  As scripture testifies Israel will not be gathered and the curse lifted until Jesus returns.  The idea of British Israelism says that the U.S. and Britain are Ephriam and Manasseh of the lost ten tribes of Israel and that God blessed the U.S. and Britain for some time until God now removes these blessings and curses them for disobedience.  So then, God blessed them, cursed them and then blessed them again and now curses them again; think how this idea violates scripture.  It is ridiculous.

The Israel of God is the church and the heir of the promises in the oath God swore to Abraham.  The fleshly descendents  of Abraham are not the heirs, it is those of faith, those of the child of promise as typed by Isaac who was a type of Jesus.  The promise, the oath God swore to Abraham was the kingdom of God.  Abraham looked for a city whose builder and maker was God and not to Britain and the U.S. .  The first shall be last and the last shall be first.  Unless Israel and Judah accept Jesus as son of God and messiah there will be no blessings because they are antichrist; they refuse to acknowledge the son so they have not God either.  Why would God bless an antichrist people?

The U.S. and Britain are false christian nations believing in many lies and devoid of the truth of God.  If you dig deep into their histories you will discover that neither was the benevolent nation that some claim them to be. Any good they did was rare and usually for some hidden agenda to increase their power and wealth. The truth is since ancient Israel, at its best, there has never been another nation that has had Gods blessing, they all belong to Satan the devil.
To attempt to link the prosperity of Britain and the U.S. to God blessing them is an abomination, yet it seems to be what some men highly esteem.  Scripture tells us not to be concerned with fleshly endless genealogies but this seems to be one of the main concerns of those who support British Israelism. It is a mechinism to support that the Jews are Gods chosen people rather than the church.

"The scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a law giver from between his feet until Shiloh comes and to him shall the gathering of the people be."  

The scepter is the rule of the fleshly kings who had the charge to enforce Gods law in Israel. The words, "from between his feet", refer to human reproduction to produce a fleshly heir to the throne.  God produced a king to sit on the throne of David, bypassing human reproduction, who is Jesus. Both the scepter and the law have departed from the line of fleshly kings to king Jesus to whom the gathering of the people will be.  Since Jesus is immortal David will never lack a man to sit on his throne, this is the oath God swore to him. 

When certain French kings heard of the British claim to the throne of David, they knew that they would have to come up with something to top the British, and so they came up with the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion and went to France with Mary Magdalene, and produced the line of French kings.  This is as much of a crock of manure as British Israelism is, yet there are certain people who believe both of these fables. 

Paul tells us that to learn the truth of God one must compare spiritual with spiritual only but British Israelism tries to compare spiritual with fleshly fables, Irish folklore. This is not the key to understand prophecy or anything else, it is just a fantastic lie, a mix of scripture and fables having no truth at all. 

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