Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

How does a person come to know the truth of God?  Is it because some other person who claims to be a teacher taught you?  The things of God are spiritual and cannot be know by the carnal mind.  It requires a spiritual mind to understand spiritual things.  Only by the Holy Spirit can anyone come to know the truth of God.  This means that Gods spirit must be the teacher and that no man can teach you unless both you and that other man has the Holy Spirit and then the Holy Spirit is still the teacher and the one speaking is a catalyst used to stir up your human spirit united with Gods Holy Spirit that actually does the teaching.  If anyone preaches the truth of Gods word it would be useless for the hearers unless God opens your mind to understand.  Without God opening the mind there would be no understanding at all.  In the first century the apostles had the task of preaching the gospel, the great commission, and they went out preaching but their words would mean absolutely nothing unless God gave the hearer understanding.  A person can also learn Gods truth by reading scripture only and God can open understanding this way as well.  The idea in anyone’s mind that they can teach another Gods truth is not true.  I can preach till I am blue in the face and if God does not give the understanding then it will not profit.  God alone determines who is called and chosen to be a saint and in the true church, no one makes first contact with God, God makes first contact with you.  In this current evil age God calls very few people as God is only calling out the elect at this time to serve as laborers in future harvests.  The first of all harvests is that of these elect, then the innumerable multitude, the millennium and finally the second resurrection.  The elect, the true church today, will serve in the last three.  The true end time revival is during the great tribulation and not at the present time.  This shows that all the false churches out there preaching their false gospels are ignorant and do not even know that God is not at this time trying to save the world.  The salvation of humanity happens in stages at different times.  At this time it is only the elect who are being called and chosen.  The elect are not preaching the gospel to the world because they know God is not trying to save the world but only the church, the elect, the saints.  Once these elect are sealed just before the tribulation strikes they will during the tribulation instruct many and with the two witnesses also preaching at this time the innumerable multitude will be saved.  After the tribulation the elect will teach the people who survive the tribulation in the millennium that will last 1000 years.  After the millennium the elect will teach those who are in the second resurrection.  Today the elect, the saints, the true church of God are busy learning themselves and are being prepared for the time they will teach in the future. Much truth has been lost because of Satan’s lies in all the false churches of the world and this truth needs to be restored to the elect.  This takes time and study for them in giving themselves over to Gods Holy Spirit and receiving truth by divine revelation, they are taught directly by Gods Holy Spirit and by no human person.  You see all of Gods elect are prophets and prophetesses.  They are taught by God directly by divine revelation.  At this time they are not yet ready to teach in the world because they themselves have more to learn first.  If they were to try to teach they would teach some lies because they do not yet have all truth restored at present.  The elect saints, the true church is not trying to fulfill the great commission because they are yet being taught themselves.  The truth must be restored by the spirit and power of Elijah or the Holy Spirit of God that was the spirit and true power behind Elijah in the book of Kings and John the Baptist. Elijah and John did not do their work by their own power.  The elect saints must wait for their spiritual training to be completed before preaching to the unconverted world during the tribulation.  None of the worlds churches are the true church of God, none of them.  No matter how good they look to you they are all Satan’s ministers posing as angels of light, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  The fact these false churches preach their gospels to the world is only another proof they are false churches.  None of these churches have the truth of God at all and the elect saints, the true church, is still learning it. 
The false preachers take great pride and satisfaction that they have enlightened some uninformed person but all they have done is make them a two-fold more child of the devil then they were before.  False preachers are a penny a dozen but true preachers, the elect, have not even been fully trained yet.  People should not desire to be preachers at this time because God has a stricter judgment on them because being untrained by the Holy Spirit will lead them to preach lies based on their own imaginations rather than the truth of God.  False preachers say God called them to preach when God has not called anyone at this time to preach. 
I had to learn this lesson myself the hard way and after being rented, ridiculed, accused and condemned realized that I needed to keep my mouth shut.  Now I only speak to the brethren or to those who ask me a question showing respect and with spiritual discernment I decide to answer or not.  This blog is here only if God wants to use it, if God does fine, if not that is fine too.  I felt inspired to create this blog so I did in the hope God may want to use it to call and choose those He wishes to make His elect in this age. 

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